• Occurrence, chronicity and intensity of itch in a clinical consecutive sample of patients with skin diseases: A multi-centre study in 13 european countries 

      Schut, Christina; Dalgard, Florence; Halvorsen, Jon Anders; Gieler, Uwe; Lien, Lars; Aragones, Lucia Tomas; Poot, Francoise; Jemec, Gregor B.E.; Misery, Laurent; Kemény, Lajos; Sampogna, Francesca; van Middendorp, Henriët; Balieva, Flora Nicol; Linder, Dennis; Szepietöwski, Jacek C.; Lvov, Andrey; Marrón, Servando E.; Altunay, Ilknur K.; Finlay, Andrew Y.; Salek, Sam; Kupfer, Jörg (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
    • The role of therapy in impairing quality of life in dermatological patients: A multinational study 

      Balieva, Flora Nicol; Finlay, Andrew Y.; Kupfer, Jörg; Aragones, Lucia Tomas; Lien, Lars; Gieler, Uwe; Poot, Francoise; Jemec, Gregor B. E.; Misery, Laurent; Kemeny, Lajos; Sampogna, Francesca; Van Middendorp, Henriet; Halvorsen, Jon Anders; Ternowitz, Thomas; Szepietowski, Jacek C.; Potekaev, Nikolay; Marrón, Servando E.; Altunay, Ilknur K.; Salek, Sam S.; Dalgard, Florence (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      Skin disease and its therapy affect health-related quality of life (HRQoL). The aim of this study was to measure the burden caused by dermatological therapy in 3,846 patients from 13 European countries. Adult outpatients ...